RGR Software AG

RGR Software AG, founded1987, is a recognized provider of IT (Information Technology) service and has made good name for itself in the market segment of Banks / Stock Exchanges

Our area of expertise extends from mainframes to decentralized systems (UNIX and NT Client/Server)

We have been successful in the market for a long time with our proven TCP/IP based products for the integration of electronic stock exchange in existing bank applications.

We are also a certified Sun Partner and offer Sun products to fit your needs.

Companies which prefer to concentrate their resources on their actual business have outsourced parts of their IT services to us. In cooperation with several customers in the stock exchange field it has been demonstrated that remote-maintance is a very efficient method of providing reliable operation of information systems. With today`s technologies all security requirements can be addressed. We can also asume the complete maintenance of applications and the corresponding hardware.

We can provide interested companies with experienced technical experts on a temporary base.

A close relationship with our customers is one of our notable strengths.